Client Surveys/CQC feedback

CQC ‘engagement and support framework’

On 28 July, the CQC Inspector spoke with Rachel Wintle, Registered Manager. The written Summary was really positive; especially the conclusion that

“…New Dawn are managing the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic“. They also commented that:

“…medicines are being managed safely and effectively”

“….you are working hard to keep service users and staff safe and you have ensured their views were valued and responded to. Well done to all of you.”

Assessment for New Dawn Care Agency Ltd 28_07_2020

These calls are in place of regular inspections, which are still postponed due to the pandemic

Our 2020 survey was carried out in May, at the…

We asked everyone who uses our services ‘how are we doing during the pandemic?’

When asked if they felt safe and supported by their team of carers during the pandemic? 96% responded ‘yes’; and 4% ‘sometimes’.

70% told us that they had found all our letters helpful e.g. ‘I like that you are staying in touch’, ‘they are very helpful and informative’. We invited additional comments, in confidence – here are some of them:

‘you are doing a fantastic job – please keep it up’

‘all our carers have brought something to the job in our house’

‘all the carers are wonderful; and I feel more relaxed when I see them’

‘the care uniforms always look professional’

‘I appreciate having a regular team of carers, it makes communication much easier since they understand my regular routine’

What our clients say

The following are extracts from our last CQC inspection report:

…clients and relatives said they were regularly asked for their feedback and that this was acted on

…the service had received a number of written compliments from clients and relatives
e.g. ‘it was evident to see that they consider their role as a vocation rather than a job and this was refreshing and heart-warming to see’

Results of our survey in April 2019

In response to each of the categories ‘is the service safe, effective, caring, well-led and responsive?’ we achieved between 92.2% and 98% as ‘good’ to ‘outstanding’. We followed up on suggestions made and a handful of concerns. The following are some of the additional comments we received:

Dad enjoys the carers’ company, happily takes the meds they administer and the meals they cook for him. In short, he is very happy with the way he is treated and all that is done for him.

I am very happy with my care supplied by ‘X’.

Service is as good as you will get.

We are happy with the care, contract and staffing.

I have only been receiving care for 3 weeks, but have to say, how very pleased I am with your service, keep up the good work.