Dementia Care

Our Carers are ‘Dementia Friends’ and support all aspects of living with dementia at home.
Living with Dementia

When we think of dementia we think ‘memory loss’. Whilst it often starts in this way, there are other common symptoms; eg struggling with day to day tasks, difficulties remembering the right words or keeping up with the conversations around us.

For those affected by dementia it can be lonely and frightening, not knowing where to turn for support.

We can support your family member with all aspects of their lives, such as supporting with cooking meals, keeping the home tidy, meaningful activities or personal care needs.

Our Registered Manager is a Dementia Champion, which means that she can give in-house training to our carers. Our carers are Dementia Friends and we have resources we can access, to support you and your loved ones’ understanding of dementia.

We will get to know the person living with dementia; their life story, who is important to them, hobbies and interests – so that we work within ‘their world’, rather than our own.

We also liaise with the local Memory Team to ensure that we are all able to support the person living with dementia as their journey progresses.