Post Hospital Care

Post Hospital Care can be assistance for a week or so, to facilitate discharge from hospital, or longer term support…

We have quite a lot of experience of providing post-hospital care packages.

We pride ourselves on helping people back to independent living as soon as they are able; sometimes this is within a matter of days, sometimes it takes a few weeks. Tasks can be as simple as assistance with dressing e.g. after shoulder ops; or it can be doing the domestic chores, shopping, preparing meals etc after knee or hip operations.

Having extra support in place could mean you get discharged from hospital quicker, as well as speeding your recovery by allowing you the time to rest and recuperate whilst the jobs get done around the house.

For planned surgeries we can liaise with you in advance and plan for your home-coming. Where admittance has been on an emergency basis we often liaise with the hospital discharge team to assess your initial care needs – i.e what you need us to do and the length/frequency of calls hours.

We recognise that after lengthy stays in hospital it can take time to re-build confidence or re-learn skills necessary for living safely at home. If care is continuing after 6 weeks we would initiate a review with you to reassess your needs.