Care Workers Charity

Working with the Care Workers’ Charity (CWC).

The CWC exists to support individuals working in social care and offers a range of grants to support financial and mental wellbeing.

New Dawn Care Agency understands how the CWC can support employees, and so is quick to encourage contact with the CWC when the going gets tough.

  • covid-19 grants

    for loss of income due to having to isolate or shield. Also for helping with additional expenses because of the pandemic e.g. childcare costs or funeral costs.

  •  crisis grants

when a sudden or unforeseen life event or change in circumstances impacts financially; e.g. a sudden loss of income, illness/injury, a relationship breakdown or a bereavement. A grant can be used to buy new white goods, pay for house repairs/bills, help with car maintenance/repairs or simply to cover essentials such as food, amongst other items. CWC also offers

  • a mental health & wellbeing support programme.

It can be tough to maintain good mental health and finding support can be a challenge. The CWC offers free of charge, up to 10 hours of therapy with a professional via an accredited mental health provider.

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