CQC Inspection – Update

Prior to covid-19, companies rated as requires improvement would normally have had a return inspection within a maximum of 12 months.

With the arrival of the pandemic, the CQC have paused their routine inspections. Instead they have introduced an Emergency Support Framework whereby they periodically check-in with providers by phone; to determine whether they ‘need support’, ‘are managing’ or whether an emergency inspection is required.

We have kept our clients and staff safe during the pandemic and are pleased to say that the CQC confirmed we are in their ‘managing’ category. The only downside of this is we do not know when we will next get a chance to demonstrate the improvements we have made and to be re-assessed.

Hence, we remain with a ‘requires improvement’ rating. This related specifically to the area of medication management as it was identified that we had not always met the standards of care required. There was no suggestion whatsoever that any harm had been caused. We took immediate action to remedy the shortcomings. We introduced new procedures, and trained staff in their use; as well as bringing in new checks and audits. All of which have remained in place, despite the extra pressures of managing within the unprecedented circumstances created by covid-19.

Whilst being extremely disappointed at the findings, we were pleased at the number of positives the CQC noted within their last report – including:

…client’s outcomes were consistently good… they were supported with dignity and respect and involved in their care… their needs were met through good organisation and care

…staff received regular training, supervision and appraisals

…staff spoke positively about the leadership and support provided by the Registered Manager and said that the company has positive and caring values; ‘we enjoy working here’

…the service had effective systems in place to ensure staff received handovers of the latest information on clients

…clients described ‘professional but close and friendly relationships with staff’ – ‘I think this bit where we sit and chat is an important part of my care package and I really enjoy it

they have been very responsive to my needs and really understand my condition

‘…clients and relatives said they were regularly asked for their feedback and that this was acted on

…the service had received a number of written compliments from clients and relatives e.g.‘it was evident to see that they consider their role as a vocation rather than a job and this was refreshing and heart-warming to see’

…effective systems were in place to investigate and respond to complaints. No complaints had been received since our last inspection

A copy of the full report can be read here

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