Have you ever thought about working in social care?

Date Posted: Thursday June 8, 2023
Contract Type: Full or Part-time
Job Type: Permanent - New Dawn Care Assistant
Pay: £14.40/hr* + benefits
Location: Church Stretton/Craven Arms

Have you ever thought about working in Social Care? What is it really like? Here are some of the quotes from our care team

Abbie - For someone my age, 23 years old, I am being paid £4 per hour more than most of my friends that are at the same age, as I am being paid more than the minimum wage. I am not just here for the money I really do enjoy my job too.

Ruth - New Dawn Care is the only employer I have worked for twice, since I first started work way back in 1977. I am officially an OAP but I love working (part-time these days) with New Dawn. I get to meet all sorts of interesting people from all walks of life. As a bonus my input helps them to stay living at home and independently for as long as possible. Plus I get paid!

Kelly - I didn’t think care would be for me…now I’m a one of New Dawn Care Agency’s Seniors. I didn’t believe I would be able to cope with challenging clients or challenging situations, but with the help of the NDCA management team and the Carers believing in me; my confidence in being a Carer has sky rocketed. The clients have always made me feel welcome and they let me know I’ve made a difference in their lives; this is why I work for NDCA, I’m making an impact and it is the most rewarding feeling in the world.

If you’re looking for a new role, earning great £££ at an amazing expanding company whilst making a difference, then keep reading!

Who are we?

Our team is made up of hairdressers, bar managers, health professionals, students and family members who have made the choice to change careers and have not looked back. We are likeminded, happy people, and we’re from teens to seventies. We’re animal lovers, (sometimes even taking our dogs to work), we love music, ride horses, we’re avid readers, gardeners, and handi-crafters. Above all, we’re a TEAM. Small in number, but a great mix of recent joiners and many who have been here 5+ years. Between us we’ve delivered over 50 years of exceptional care to our clients (who are clustered in and around Church Stretton and Craven Arms).

Our rates of pay range from £12.75 to £14.40* per hour, depending on what combination of our work patterns you can do, and whether or not you can work in both our areas.

You want to choose your work pattern. Read on, we offer shifts covering mornings, afternoons and evenings, pretty much in any combination of:

  • Short shifts (minimum 4 hours including travel time)
  • Long shifts (maximum 6 hours including travel time)
  • Days where you work one shift and/or days where you work two
  • Working mainly weekends, or mainly evenings, or
  • A mix of alternate weekends and 2 or more days during the week.

Drivers preferred however we do recruit walkers.

Benefits include: paid travel time between home and first/last calls as well as between calls plus mileage expenses at 35p-42p/mile. Flexible hours. Training & qualifications. Well-being support and Blue Light discount card. Job security, up to 5 weeks paid annual leave, career opportunities, great management support and more.

Our hiring process:

  1. You read this ad, it makes you want to find out more
  2. You apply online
  3. We arrange an informal phone chat (with Rachel or Steph)
  4. You get to decide about our no obligation ‘Try before you Apply’, taster shift - how cool is that?
  5. You come on in and meet us and get to find out if all the things we say are true

You don’t need to dress up, refresh your cv or study up on anything. Just be you.

Making the first move could be the beginning of a great carer in Social Care. It's easy, just apply online

One more thing. New Dawn Care Agency supports clients 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. Traditionally first calls have been at 07.00 and last calls finished at 22.00. However, to be easier on our staff, we’re looking towards 08.00 starts and 21.30 finishes. Each day there’s a gap in care delivery (between 14.00 and 16.30).