Steph – I wear NDCA’s Senior’s uniform when doing care calls.

Why did I choose New Dawn Care Agency (NDCA)?

When I first wanted to get into care, I had no experience. I found NDCA as I live local to them and what I had learned is that NDCA provide you with training on the job. All the qualifications I have gained, have been through NDCA.

I started working for NDCA in December 2011, I received my mandatory training and shadowing and then proceeded on my own with support from the management team. During this time, I have started at 7am, finished at 10pm, done night shifts, worked with challenging clients, taken part in live in care, palliative care, comforted clients/family/team members …and have loved every aspect of it.

I had been with NDCA for a couple of years when I was approached about becoming rota manager, this was based on my ability to help cover sickness within the rota when I was already out on the ground. From this position I then became Deputy Manager. Which shows that even with no care experience, there is always potential for growth within NDCA, within your own career by moving up the ladder. We encourage personal development with all staff and make it a great focus point during discussion to help staff move forward on their own paths. I am proof of that.

You do not always have to believe in yourself if others believe in you; it’s a learning curve professionally and personally. I’m much more confident in myself; and in my position as deputy manager in the last 2.5 years. I am proud to work at NDCA and I know that the reputation we have built, has all been down to hard work and determination.

I have learnt a lot since starting my care career within NDCA. We pride ourselves on providing the best care for existing/new clients, as well as continual support for team members. We have a very ‘open-door’ policy, great teamwork and communication.

I’ve always said that I would only ever work in the management team if I were still able to carry out the care side of things, I feel that you can only discuss, comment on care aspects and advise the staff on clients, routines etc if you have experience in what you are talking about. I wear NDCA’s Senior’s uniform when doing care calls.

I have been with NDCA for more than a third of my life and it has been the securest; and most empowering, emotive, and educational time yet. I look forward to growing my future with them.


Stephanie Jones- Deputy Manager