I just wanted you to know that the last four weeks have been the pleasantest time I have ever had with carers. I have seen Mother smile when you come in which is so nice as it is a precious thing just now.

Mother is now nothing like the person she was and yet I have seen her treated with dignity and total respect at all times. You have encouraged her to voice opinions, and never once have you asked me to answer over her head as if she wasn’t in the room.

The kindness shown is beyond belief.

I am humbled by how you come in each day and whatever the situation treat Mother with the highest level of compassion. You all fully appreciate that Mother cannot help how she is now, and you meet her at her level. Through difficult visits I have never known any of you to be less than truly caring professionals. With this professionalism there is also humour and character, you are not “products of a system” but wonderfully and highly trained individuals. Mother is safe and obviously feels it. Her medication is always there, she is clean, warm and cared for. I don’t believe she could have better. I feel safe to be away from mother when you are here.

On a personal note I must admit to sometimes having a lump in my throat when I see or hear your kindness and thought; the night she was tucked in bed with her “children ” in place I nearly shed a tear.  I am allowed to work with you as a team when I am with her; I’m not shut out from what is happening. You all have my unwavering gratitude and I just wish Mother could have met you earlier. You are a New Dawn and I say Thankyou for all that you are.